Watercolours / Dundas Forever Series

Originals, prints, posters, post cards and greeting cards of my Dundas Forever Series (Historical Buildings) can be found at my studio at 95 Head Street or at Carnegie Gallery, Dundas Museum and Archives, Strawberry Fields, Dolce Kimera, Bearley Bent Used Book Store
Greeting cards are available for sale - $5. each 
watercolour - poppies (sold) watercolour - portugal (sold) watercolour - Missing You watercolour - poppies (sold)
watercolour - beetl (sold) watercolour - portugal (sold) watercolour - poppies (sold) watercolour - poppies (sold)
 Dundas Forever Series
Thirsty Cactus watercolour by D. Niton
"Thirsty Cactus" - 2015  SOLD "Thirsty Cactus 2" - 2015

Post Office, historical building, Dundas ON. Completed Feb. 29, 2012
Picone Fine Foods, established in 1915, Dundas ON. Painting completed in Nov. 2011
Size: 12"x17"   Sold
Deluxe Restaurant, Dundas ON
Carnegie Gallery, Dundas ON

Size: 12"x10"   Price: $250CND 
Music Hall, Dundas ON
For sale: $250 
Post Office, Dundas ON
 For sale: $250
Taylor`s Tea Room, Dundas ON
  For sale: $450

 Dr. Bate`s Office, Dundas ON   
For sale: $250


Prints of above paintings are available for sale.
10"x 8" prints - $30.
Different sizes are available

House Sketching/Custom Paintings from photographs

Watercolours or Acrylics
People, pets, houses etc. 
Final size: 8" x 10" or 9" x 12"

Price: $350 and up.

50% deposit required
Shipping extra
Delivery in Hamilton, ON area at no charge
Initial in person consultation in Hamilton area at no charge
For other sizes of drawings, paintings or sketches, please call for quote.

Tel: 905-628-1234