Artist / Graphic Designer


I was born in Poland, earning my diploma in Commercial Art and Advertising before setting my roots in Canada, more than 25 years ago. I expanded my studies by taking many additional art courses at the Dundas Valley School of Art and Mohawk College, ranging from Graphic Design, Mural painting to Creative Watercolour.

I take part in many exhibitions in local galleries and venues. I have experience teaching art classes for people of various ages. I worked as an art teacher at the Immigrant Culture and Art Association (ICAA) as well as for private clients.

My passion is painting murals and being involved in the community either by putting together and/or running projects for children and youths or by mentoring young artists. It is such a great feeling and sense of accomplishment when those initiatives grow and are successful.

Currently, I live with my two daughters and create art in my home studio in Dundas, Ontario.


I love making art, because when I sit down and start painting, drawing or teaching, I enter my inner self where I feel free and peaceful. Creating art soothes me; my mind can wander as my hands work.

My education led me to become a graphic artist, but my heart pointed me to many different forms of art.

I remember when my daughters were small, after they went to bed and fell asleep; I would take my sketch book and draw pencil portraits of them as they slept. They looked so peaceful and angelic that I wanted to capture that moment and mood forever. I enjoy painting places that mean a lot to my family and I, this is my way of saying I will never forget these places and the people I went there with.

On many occasions I have been asked what kind of art do I like to create and what inspires me? There is no simple answer, because it all depends on many different factors, including where I am in my life, what kind of mood I am in, the season, whether I want to create something for myself or for other people to enjoy, etc. I use many various techniques and mediums to create my art such as, watercolours, acrylics, graphite. I also like switching and experimenting with creating realistic pieces and abstract ones. My portfolio includes a variety of work ranging from small paintings (3x3 inches) to huge murals longer than 200ft.

I wish to remove the barriers of artistic expression in children today. This passion was brought on from my diverse life experiences as a single parent, as well as the desire for my two daughters, that they may confidently choose and live their passions.

I believe in letting people get beyond their fears by expressing themselves artistically, through drawing, creating, imagination and colour: beautifying our streets and communities through artistic example. I believe in bringing galleries to people not just people to galleries.  Having an eye for seeing art is a skill that needs to be acquired by learning or through experience. Many people these days don’t stop to take a look at the surrounding scenery; with our busy lives it is quite sad how much art passes by unnoticed. There is so much beauty all around us. Some of us see it, some of us don’t or we see it differently, but we are all surrounded by art.





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